• How Do I Feel Today Project

How Do I Feel Today Project

Created by the artist duo Nathalie Edenburg and Rogerio Mesquita. It intends to incentive art practice as a tool to self-questioning and self-knowledge through art workshops with unprivileged children.


Nathalie and Rogerio believe art can be used as therapy and self-improvement and is a powerful tool to help free our creativity and self-expression. It leads us to an unshakable sense of hope in life.Each child possesses unique talents and abilities. We want to help these children get in touch with themselves and find their inner talent.


Art Project

From January 1st through December 31st 2015, Nathalie painted over a single portrait of herself each day, expressing her daily feelings and questioning: “How do I feel today?”. This resulted in a body of work containing 365 pieces of paintings with different techniques over Rogerio’s photography. In April 2016 a mural measuring thirty meters long by four meters high was shown at the Sao Paulo Biennial Building during SP Fashion Week. The pieces were later framed by groups, each frame contained between 14 and 16 pieces, for a total of twenty-four final pieces.  They were shown in June 2016 at Luis Maluf Art Gallery, in Sao Paulo. The exhibition was sold out to important Brazilian collectors. 


Social Project, The Workshops

Forty percent of the proceedings were used to finance nine workshops in favelas of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais, with the help of local social institutions. During the workshop the children had their portrait taken, and after listening to Nathalie’s story, they were encouraged to paint their emotions over the print. This was done under a very fun and relaxed environment that helped the children develop their creativity and boost their self-knowledge through art. Each child received a kit containing a sketch book, colored pencils, watercolor ink and brushes so they could continue to practice art at home and at school.  When possible, art materials were also donated to the institutions.